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When the World Stopped Making Sense 0.9.13

The WtWSMS Beta release 0.9.13 has been published! It is a major update featuring compatibility with 3.3.2. 0.9.13 is not compatible with previous versions due to the major vanilla update.
Keep posting your funny moments, reporting bugs or suggesting ideas, that is what keeps us going ! For any kind of feedback or support, head to the official sub-forum.
Important links:
Known bugs:
Partial Changelog for 0.9.13:
- Compatibility with vanilla 3.3.2
  • Adapted the bloodline of Attila for the mod
  • Enabled Coronations for Nicene rulers with the Pope as a religious head in the later game
  • Enabled Holy Fury Pagan reformation mechanics for all reformable Pagan religions added by the mod
    • Central African given a unique reformation idea (syncretic and ancestor worship) representing Berber Cult of Dead
    • Tabitian (Scythian faith) given a unique idea (unrelenting, haruspicy and bloodthirsty) representing steppe traditions and accounts of human and horse sacrifice
    • East Africans given unique idea (ancestor worship, eldership and polygamy )
    • Zalmoxians given unique idea (river travel, prepared invasions and unrelenting)
    • Vasconic pagans given unique idea (equality and harder to convert provinces)
    • Semitic pagans given unique idea (syncretic, ancestor worship and polygamy)
    • Dravidian pagans given unique idea (syncretic, ancestor worship, and hard to convert)
    • Illyrian pagans given unique idea (Sea fairing, unrelenting, and hart to convert)
    • Root West pagans given unique idea (Meritocratic and stable)
    • Latin Solar pagans given unique idea (unrelenting, meritocratic, and haruspicy)
    • Germanic pagans given Norse idea (seafaring and adventuring)
    • Georgian pagans given unique idea (haruspicy, ancestor worship, and hard to convert)
    • African solar pagans given unique idea (ancestor worship and unrelenting)
    • Sanamahi given unique idea (syncretic, river movement, and hard to convert)
  • Converted historical buildings into wonders, including the Port of Carthage, the Colosseum of Rome, the Acropolis of Athens, the Temple of Zeus at Olympia, the Buddhas of Bamyan, Diocletian's Palace in Split, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Great Mosque of Damascus, the Great Mosque of Samarra, the Alhambra in Granada, the Palace of Aachen, the Golden Gate of Kiev, the St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, the leaning Tower of Pisa
  • Added new historical wonders, including the Sarvestan Palace and Tāq Kasrā
  • Added new Pagan warrior lodges or extended vanilla warrior lodges for Pagan religions
    • Berber religions have access to Warband of Gurzil, a local war deity
    • Cybelians, Mithraics, and followers of the Invincible Son allowed to join Olympians
    • Tabitians may join the Eagle Warriors now along with nomad and Tengri
    • Germanics given access to vanilla Norse lodge Wolf Warriors
    • Semitic pagans given new warrior lodge Desert Warriors
      • new decision to train in desert and gain falconer and poet traits reflecting traditional Arab pursuits
    • Zalmoxian (Dacian) and Illyrian pagans given access to Serpants of the Mountain lodge
    • Vasconic Pagans given access to Sugaar's Chosen
    • East African pagans given access to Moonlit Fighters
    • Root West pagans given access to White Crane Warband
    • Sanamahi given access to Blesse of Ema Panthoibi
    • Armazi pagans given access to Champions of Armazi
    • Dravidian Pagans givcen access to Heart of Aiyyanars
    • Followers of the traditional Assyrian religion may join Enlil's legion, though I bet many reading this already have :)
- Added events and cultures for dynamic Slavic Migration in Eastern Europe after the year 500
- Added four new government types, including Sub-Roman, High Tribal, Gupta and Pre-Feudal
  • Added events for a Sub-Roman to Feudal transition, with the abandoning of Roman taxation, the social status of the army, crisis caused by war and changing cultural values of the aristocracy
  • Added and adapted decisions and laws for a Tribal to High Tribal to Feudal government transitions, with appropriate factions, casus bellis and plots
  • Removed the feudal government from the map at start
  • Added the possibility for Sub-Roman rulers to become Bureaucratic
- Reduced the amount and redrawn the borders of the provinces within the Saharan Empire
  • Redesigned the de jure duchies and kingdoms accordingly
  • Adapted history of the region to account for the removed provinces and new borders
  • Balkanised the kingdom of the Garamantes to make the previously vassal dukes independent
- Integrated Ancient Religions v0.46.1 "Imentet"​, for compatibility with 3.3.2
- Changed the colour of the reformed Zalmoxism religion for it to be more distinguishable from the Germanic religion
- Added the Pagan County Conquest CB for the Hepthal religion
- Added the 526 Antioch earthquake event, as suggested by I_Jedi
- Added coats of arms for the Beltesonis, Augustulus, Flavius Afranius, Amali and Leon dynasties, courtesy of Dogs231
- Made the Auiones culture use Norse portraits
- Made the Burgundian culture use Gothic portraits and rewritten its name list
- Made the Greco-Persian culture use Persian portraits
- Renamed the East Anatolic culture group to the Tarim culture group
- Made the Azeri culture use Persian or Caucus graphics if Persian portraits are not owned
- Renamed the Dahi culture to Dahae and changed it to the East Iranian culture group and to Persian portraits
- Made the Utigur and Kutigur cultures use Turkish portraits
- Moved the Gushi culture into the Tarim culture group, changed the names to Tocharian and made portraits Persian
- Moved the Xiongnu culture from the Sinic to the Altaic culture group
- Made the old Magyar culture use Ugric portraits (and changed culture colour?)
- Made the Sakan and Indo-Scythian use Persian graphics
- Moved the Amardian, Sarmatian, Iazyges, Afghan and Saka cultures to the East Iranian culture group
- Moved the Kalash culture to the Indo-Aryan culture group
- Moved the Afar culture to the Cushitic culture group
- Made Julius Nepos bureaucratic in 476, as suggested by starwarsfan541
- Pelagians can no longer venerate Augustine as a patron saint but instead get the possibility of venerating Pelagius himself
- Added the Culdees as an Insular and Pelagian monastic order
- Added a decision for Pelagian rulers to give alms
- Expanded the tribal organisation description to mention the risk of weak heir seeing the realm shatter after succession
- Added a decision to promulgate the Lex Visigothorum as the Visigoths
- Added some title cultural localisation for Latin group cultures
- Added +5 opinion between the different Gnostic heresies and branches, based upon a similar feature in BTWK, credits to the BTWK team
- Added the Acacian schism in consequence of the Henotikon, together with the possibility of ending it
- Added a decision to close the Platonic Academy in Athens as a Christian emperor controlling the region, as Justinian historically did in 529
- Prevented Bureaucratic governments from having Gavelkind succession, as suggested by Guthix
- (Legacy of Rome required) Replaced the Grand Tournaments for Greeks and Romans with an annual Chariot Race, as suggested by mrmastro
- (Monks and Mystics required) Added a decision for a Lombard king of Lombardy to forge the Iron Crown of Lombardy
- Added a special nickname "Viriatus" for a Continental Celtic ruler who succeeds to crown himself the first Continental Celtic Emperor of Hispania, as suggested by DeathLawlie
- Renamed Pelagian crusade to "March of Good Example", as suggested by WilyWillis, credits to Lux Invicta
- Added the Armorican cultural province names in Gaul for the Gallic culture, as suggested by Wangmaster
- Adapted the vanilla Buddhist "reject vices" ambitions for Pelagianism, as suggested by WilyWillis
- Added an "Icon-Breaker" trait that Antinomian, Pelagian, Total Depravity and Iconoclast characters can gain from sacking Christian temples, as suggested by WilyWillis, credits to CK2Plus
- Added Gunderit, king of the Gepids, and Odoacer, king of Italy, to the interesting characters screen for the Frankish Steel era
- Finished the VIET "Dance of the dead" event chain by Zaldax, which requires being North, Central or West Germanic and having Supernatural Events rule turned on
- Added many names to various cultures' namelists, as suggested by MajsterX4
- Added an event about the extreme weather events of 535-536
- Optimised many WtWSMS and VIET events and decisions to slightly improve the mod performance
- Moved Romanian to the Latin culture group together with the rest of the Romance melting-pot cultures
- Added three new songs written by Christian Szajna and updated the whole existing list of songs
- Added 24 new legions shown on the map in the forum but not yet in the mod, courtesy of khagler
- Added a decision to form Spania
- Added a decision to build a Visigothic church to speed up conversion in Santiago
- Added a few title name localisations for the Guanche culture
- Changed Anglicised Roman names in the culture name list and character history into their Latin versions
- Added custom coats of arms for dynasties of Augustus and Diocletian
- Added four building levels for the biuildings added by the mod and divided bonuses and costs by four
- Added custom portraits for Constantine the Great, Maxentius, Julian the Apostate, Jovian, Valentinian, Valens, emperors of the Justinian dynasty, Phocas, Heraclius, Anastasius, Zeno, Basiliscus, Leo the Thracian, Marcian, Theodosius I, Arcadius, Theodosius II, Gratianus, Valentinian II, Julius Nepos and Olybrius
- Added some missing Wikipedia links
- Changed the chariot teams events' picture to one depicting the Hippodrome
- Added a year 500 condition for the Romance melting-pots events to begin to avoid them from firing only a few years after start when starting at dates before that
- Added icons for the WtWSMS holy order decisions
- Added an icon for the "Create Audianistic Papacy" and "Alamannian Sacrifice" decisions
- Added some missing VIET events, credits to cybrxkhan and OrdepNM from the VIET team
- Disabled starting the game between 475.1.1 and the first bookmark
- Additions and tweaks to VIET Events Pictures from VIET 2.0.1 Dawn
- Added VIET-style Flavor events: 4 Noric-Roman, 7 Bosporan, 5 Corduenian courtesy of cybrxkhan
- Added an event allowing the citizens of Constantinople to overthrow an Eastern Roman Emperor of Isaurian culture
- Limited the max warscore from battles to 75% in Imperial Reconquest CBs to make the wars have the potential to be longer and costlier
- Disabled the vanilla imperial reconquest casus belli, which is redundant with the WtWSMS reconquest
- Added the urban prefecture of Constantinople with historical holders as a historical equivalent of the urban prefecture of Rome
- Fixed Alamannia, Praetorian Prefecture of Italy and Praetorian Prefecture of Africa having the same colour
- Fided Gustow having the same colour as Libya
- Added an Eastern Roman Imperial Regalia artifact
- Tweaked the 'Restore the Pontificate Maxima' decision being available for the Latin Empire and not for the Western Roman Empire, as suggested by Pax Romana
- Added a few historical bloodlines:
  • Blood of Augustus
  • Blood of Constantine
  • Blood of Gupta
- Added a reformed version of the Eiateuta, Armazi and East African Pagan religions
- Changed the deities and the nature of East African Pagan for it to be less generic
- Added an event for late-game Visigoths
- Lowered the impact of 535-536 weather events of disease resistance, as the previous value caused the world to be plagued with plagues in the period
- Removed historical buildings that are now covered by vanilla wonders
- Added a decision for the Cantabrians to erect a stelae
- Increased the penalties for the Tribal government from +2 to +1 demesne size and -10 to -20 vassal limit
- Added war-torn and devastated by war province modifiers
- All tribal kingdoms now have a risk of fracturing upon the death of their ruler
- Added female Lusitanian names for the Galician and East Gallic cultures
- Renamed Nicene faith to "Chalcedonian", as the game takes place after the Council of Chalcedon in 451 and Oriental Orthodox Churches also belong to Nicene Christianity
For a complete changelog, see here.

submitted by loup99 to CrusaderKings

Something good (and something bad) about every Third and Fourth Doctor story

A few months ago, I made a post (link here) where I named one good thing and one bad thing about every episode of 1960s Doctor Who. Since I have finished Logopolis, it's time for a second edition where I go through every Pertwee and Baker story!
-51. Spearhead From Space: 6/10
Good: Does a great job of setting of the stage for the new era of the show.
Bad: The plot itself is nothing spectacular - sort of a watered down Web of Fear. Maybe the Autons would have been creepier if I were seeing them for the first time?
-52. The Silurians: 9/10
Good: The first story to suggest humanity as a whole aren't necessarily the unequivocal "good guys".
Bad: Some wildly inaccurate statements about earth history, including implication that the moon arrived after great apes.
-53. The Ambassadors of Death: 6/10
Good: Liz shattering the damsel-in-distress cliche when she is captured.
Bad: Carrington's plans make absolutely no sense.
-54. Inferno: 7/10
Good: Fantastic use of sound effects.
Bad: Stahlman is a boring archetype we've seen before.
-55. Terror of the Autons: 6/10
Good: Introduces three recurring characters, something not seen since An Unearthly Child and not seen again until Rose.
Bad: The scene where the inflatable chair eats a man.
-56. The Mind of Evil: 8/10
Good: The thoughtful and fitting conclusion, which implies that everyone has at least some evil impulses.
Bad: The ways in which the mind parasite kills people get less interesting as the story goes on.
-57. The Claws of Axos: 4/10
Good: Any scene with the Master and the Doctor together.
Bad: The costumes look like rejects from an Italian restaurant themed haunted house.
-58. Colony in Space: 5/10
Good: Well acted, well paced, and interesting.
Bad: Two separate stories that have virtually nothing to do with each other are for some reason smushed together.
-59. The Dæmons: 4/10 (Blasphemy, I know)
Good: Any time the Doctor insults superstition. Also, at the end when Yates asks the Brig to dance.
Bad: The Daemons have been around for all of human history and Jo was the first one to do something selfless? And just seeing it actually destroyed the Daemon? What???
-60. Day of the Daleks: 7/10
Good: Explains some of the laws of time travel.
Bad: The initial Dalek reveal was pretty underwhelming.
-61. The Curse of Peladon: 7/10
Good: The atmosphere and set.
Bad: It's a shame that it wasn't used as Vicki's exit story - it would have worked far better than the one in The Myth Makers.
-62. The Sea Devils: 7/10
Good: The Doctor-Master swordfight.
Bad: The Doctor grabbing the sandwiches from Jo for no good reason.
-63. The Mutants: 6/10
Good: A really interesting plot twist that turned a very run of the mill alien into one of the more unique ever featured on the show.
Bad: Some subpar special effects and acting.
-64. The Time Monster: 3/10
Good: The final standoff between the Doctor and the Master.
Bad: The story as a whole is kind of a jumbled mess.
-65. The Three Doctors: 6/10
Good: Pertwee and Troughton are hilarious together.
Bad: I found the story in of itself to be a bit pedestrian.
-66. Carnival of Monsters: 5/10
Good: All of the scenes inside of the mini-scope.
Bad: The scenes outside of the mini-scope are pretty boring and give away the mystery far too quickly.
-67. Frontier in Space: 9/10
Good: A great litmus test for prospective classic Doctor Who fans.
Bad: The Dalek voices are kind of whack.
-68. Planet of the Daleks: 6/10
Good: A cross-doctor sequel!
Bad: There was something weird going on with the lighting in the first few episodes.
-69. The Green Death: 8/10
Good: The theme of the dangers of corporate pollution has aged quite well.
Bad: There were too many smart people in that house not to think to put that egg somewhere secure.
-70. The Time Warrior: 8/10
Bad: Nothing in particular.
-71. Invasion of the Dinosaurs: 7/10.
Good: Look past the SFX people - there's a really interesting story here.
Bad: I don't buy that Mike would go from dutiful officer to accomplice in the annihilation of billions. Also, given that the plot was going to eliminate literally every human life, I don't understand why the plotters didn't just kill the people in their way. And, yeah, the SFX, whatever.
-72. Death to the Daleks: 6/10
Good: It shows another side of the Daleks, while still maintaining their identity as ruthless killers.
Bad: The exxilons are very underwhelming.
-73. The Monster of Peladon: 6/10
Good: It was interesting and different to see parties that were feuding in the first half unite against a common enemy in the latter half.
Bad: Eckersley and these Ice Warriors are ultimately super boring and forgettable villains.
-74. Planet of the Spiders: 6/10
Good: Does a nice job of saying goodbye to the Third Doctor and many aspects of his era.
Bad: Not quite sure why Mike got to be the primary UNIT character in this story after what he did - Benton, the Brig, or even Liz would've been a far better choice.
-75. Robot: 6/10
Good: Does a wonderful job of transitioning from the Third Doctor era to the Fourth Doctor era.
Bad: The only specific detail we learn about the think tank's motivations is that they want to change people's fashion choices.
-76. The Ark in Space: 8/10
Good: Amongst other things, the incidental music.
Bad: Sarah feels a bit out of character I guess, but really it's fine.
-77. The Sontaran Experiment: 6/10
Good: The disturbing premise makes for a compelling story.
Bad: Of all the stories that could've been only two episodes, this is not the one I would've chosen.
-78. Genesis of the Daleks: 10/10
Good: Nearly everything, particularly the Doctor's ultimate decision (after his profound hesitation) that, yes, the Daleks must be destroyed.
Bad: I'm sure I could find something to nitpick about, but why bother?
-79. Revenge of the Cybermen: 3/10
Good: It's the only cyberman story in a twelve-year span.
Bad: It's the only cybermen story in a twelve-year span, and this is the best they could come up with?
-80. Terror of the Zygons: 5/10
Good: I was so happy for the Brigadier that his gun finally worked against alien enemy.
Bad: Apparently this is supposed to be a fan favorite, but it came across to me as a fairly pedestrian UNIT story.
-81. Planet of Evil: 5/10
Good: The idea of a "planet on the edge of the universe"
Bad: Despite the fact that the Doctor correctly explained how anti-matter works, the actual anti-matter shown in the story does not work like anti-matter. At all.
-82. Pyramids of Mars: 8/10
Good: Sutekh.
Bad: The Doctor kind of treated the well-meaning Laurence like shit.
-83. The Android Invasion: 8/10
Good: Depsite being another "Aliens invade earth" story, it feels quite fresh and new.
Bad: No proper sendoff scene for Benton or Harry.
-84. The Brain of Morbius: 8/10
Good: This may be too brief for such a good story, but: the atmosphere.
Bad: Condo's unibrow.
-85. The Seeds of Doom: 9/10
Good: A ton to choose from, but I'll say the unique nature of Chase's motives compared to the vast majority of villains.
Bad: I personally found the whole "composter" thing to be a bit much for a supposed family show.
-86. The Masque of Mandragora: 8/10
Good: It teaches you never to trust an astrologist.
Bad: I don't actually have any specific problems with the sci-fi part, but this totally could've worked as an old-fashioned pure historical.
-87. The Hand of Fear: 7/10
Good: It has an unusual structure that makes it a very captivating story to watch.
Bad: Definitely could've been longer.
-88. The Deadly Assassin: 7/10
Good: The return of The Master.
Bad: The time lord society was pretty underwhelming.
-89. The Face of Evil: 8/10
Good: An awesome companion introduction - in fact, it's the first one that didn't involve UNIT since Zoe's in The Wheel in Space.
Bad: The final episode is a little bit of a letdown compared to the first three.
-90. The Robots of Death: 7/10
Good: The design of the robots.
Bad: Taren Capel should've gotten more development.
-91. The Talons of Weng-Chiang: 9/10
Good: Leela - both her badass takedown of multiple enemies and her hilarious incompatibility with traditional Victorian behavior. But really everything in this story is good, except...
Bad: Yeah, I'm not gonna pretend like some of the aspects of this story aren't racist by today's standards.
-92. Horror of Fang Rock: 8/10
Good: The atmosphere!
Bad: Adelaide. She's just the worst.
-93. The Invisible Enemy: 4/10
Good: The first episode, particularly the cliff hanger.
Bad: The rest of the story.
-94. Image of the Fendahl: 5/10
Good: Humans originating from aliens is a pretty interesting premise.
Bad: For something likened to death, the Fendahlene look pretty lame.
-95. The Sun Makers: 7/10
Good: It's on PLUTO!
Bad: Revolutions don't happen that fast.
-96. Underworld: 3/10
Good: The first episode introduces some interesting concepts.
Bad: The story goes downhill from there, and is really uneven. Some scenes take too long while other things are left out entirely.
-97. The Invasion of Time: 4/10
Good: A lot of things.
Bad: Way more things.
-98. The Ribos Operation: 7/10
Good: A nice atmosphere and some fantastic lines (My personal favorite being "I had a struggle with my conscience. Fortunately, I won.")
Bad: Last time I checked, Jethrik wasn't on the periodic table.
-99. The Pirate Planet: 6/10
Good: The concept of a traveling planet, plus some of the witty dialogue brought to us from Douglas Adams.
Bad: A bit campy at points, such as the mechanical parrot.
-100. The Stones of Blood: 5/10
Good: One more gothic horror style Baker story, for old time's sake.
Bad: The story somehow turns into a courtroom drama with talking sparkles.
-101. The Androids of Tara: 8/10
Good: Count Grendel is a great villain.
Bad: Tara is too earthy for an alien planet.
-102. The Power of Kroll: 6/10.
Good: The stretcher scene is really tense, and the method of escape is unique and science-y.
Bad: Like The Mutants before it, it paints imperialism and opression as a problem caused by one crazy person instead of the systemic issue that it actually is.
-103. The Armageddon Factor: 5/10
Good: The "time loop" builds up more and more intensity as the story goes on.
Bad: Underwhelming climax, especially considering it was supposed to be wrapping up the whole season arc.
-104. Destiny of the Daleks: 5/10
Good: A diverse cast, including several black actors and a deaf actor.
Bad: Davros' return. Not because I don't like Davros as a character, but because his fate in Genesis was perfect.
-105. City of Death: 9/10
Good: The unique nature of the antagonist and his pseudo-time travelling abilities.
Bad: You say life on Earth began 400 million years ago? Add an extra zero to that.
-106. The Creature from the Pit: 7/10
Good: Shows how special interests and xenophobia can get in the way of mutually beneficial trade agreements.
Bad: The unnecessary phallic extremities of the Tythonian.
-107. Nightmare of Eden: 6/10
Good: Overtly addresses a real world problem.
Bad: The appearance of the Mandrels, for one.
-108. The Horns of Nimon: 5/10
Good: An interesting story that reminds us how history always repeats itself.
Bad: For such an advanced race, the Nimons are really bad at hide and seek.
-109. Shada: 7/10
Good: It has a charming first few episodes and interesting & intense final few.
Bad: It should not have been that easy to trick a supercomputer.
-110. The Leisure Hive: 4/10
Good: John Leeson is back, thank God.
Bad: Despite its potential, the story is poorly structured.
-111. Meglos: 3/10
Good: Jaqueline Hill!
Bad: Lazy and dull. Meglos' original form looks like a crewmember brought a cactus from their house in order to save money.
-112. Full Circle: 7/10
Good: Handling of companions. Staggered companion entrances are great because they make for a larger number of distinct TARDIS crews. Starting with the third doctor, companions tended to come and go before the next arrived, making for a small amount of TARDIS crews. It was very nice to see the staggered system return. Furthermore, Adric's loss of his brother was one of the more tragic things that had happened to a companion in a while, so it was interesting to see how he dealt with it. It was also nice to see Romana expressing her desire to avoid returning to Gallifrey.
Bad: The Marshmen, despite interesting characteristics, sort of devolved into mindless brutes by the end of the story.
-113. State of Decay: 8/10
Good: The most genuinely creepy story in a while.
Bad: Much of the depiction of the underground rebel group was overly generic (i.e. quite similar to groups in other stories).
-114. Warriors' Gate: 6/10
Good: Romana leaves the TARDIS for a noble purpose that fits her character nicely.
Bad: A little hard to understand fully.
-115. The Keeper of Traken: 7/10
Good: It gets better as it goes along.
Bad: Doesn't do a particularly good job of introducing Nyssa.
-116. Logopolis: 6/10
Good: Captures the gravity and significance that was the departure of the longest tenured Doctor.
Bad: The story in of itself is not fantastic, and I found the decision to introduce Tegan in this story bizarre, seeing as Nyssa hadn't even formally joined the TARDIS crew yet.
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