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Best solo farm class: MuLegend

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Action MU Online - Season 15 Part 1

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The Mu Lung Dojo can be automated without using your Auto-battle however, it does take a bit of time. Your nickname color changes to red. For example, getting hit in the mouth with a soccer ball or tripping and hitting your mouth against something can cause your tooth to die. Mu online season 15; By admin, November 1, 2020 in Characters. [PvP] PK system - Game Guides - MUX Legend Community.

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How to build a Summoner (SUM) character in MU Online

Before you read this it's not a report for someone who has 1 hit kill hacks but that they are real. Kundun is probably the easiest to kill with your current chars at 46x; Having lucky set 2 is good while you are training but there are Bloodangel sets and weapons for lvl 400+ characters, you can buy sealed parts and weapons with ruud currency, it is earned from mastery boxes obtained in events -BC, DS, Gaion, CC, Doppelganger, Maze.

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We offer free demos on new arrivals so you can review the item before purchase. Go to 5 min mark to see him one-hit the core if you're impatient. Stream Kill Bill: Volume 1 Online. Free cracks, key-generators, hacks, trainers. Action MU Online - Season 15 Part 1 - 3 Gaming Project, with new character Slayer.

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The Golden Era of the FGC

Hey guys, been a long while since I made a blog post on this sub, wish yall good health and staying safe from the virus. Take some time off life and have some good rest, spend some time to play fighting games online.
Getting nostalgic today and would like to discuss - what era would you consider the Golden Age of the FGC? As an 09er whose started his first fighting game in sf4, 2012 - 2015 would just be the absolute shiniest, the most glorious days of the FGC for me.
To give you a little bit of background info on myself, I was born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong. Started playing SF4 in the most ghetto Hong Kong arcades, and during University, I went to Toronto to study in 2012. Picked up SF4 and UMVC3 seriously, and met some life long friends on the way. Those are the most interesting years of FGC. Majors every weekend. Weeklies every Friday. I would get baked and drunk as hell and watch all fighting game stream with my friends. Shittalked so much and played so much casuals. I would actually spend an entire week at my friend's place, playing nothing but Marvel and SF4 for days, instead of studying. Almost got kicked out of school because this, good ol Uni life. During Evo season everyone would get so stoked and grind hard to level up. Even my non-fighting game oriented friends would be so interested and pickup ryu and start learning the game.
THIS is how I remembered the FGC. However there was just so much good action - I would have to focus things on EVO and Capcom Cup instead.
2012 - Reign of Infiltration
This guy is just the face of the 2012 - 2013 era. After slaughtering everyone at evo 2012, Infiltration would go to every available major and just rip apart everyone on his way. Laugh would be his coach and Laugh-filtration would just body everyone. I think the only one who gave him a loss was K-Brad's Cammy at one small major. Infiltration's Akuma would just make no mistakes, complete control with vortex. And he would store notes on his smart phone and read them mid match - one of the first people to do this. Infiltration sees something in street fighter no other people would see, and would go on to take the first Capcom Cup by bodying Daigo 6-0. By that time I think Capcom Cup was called SF25th anniversary tournament. Everyone rooted against Infiltration lol, I remember watching that tournament and got devastated by how Daigo got bodied so hard. Infiltration made a scar in SF's history for sure - and everyone aimed for his head.
2013 - Marvel taking over
Everyone would whine about Cammy Akuma and Seth vortex. Oh SF4 is dead, vortex so unfair. But loved the SHIT out of UMVC3 with one touch kills and incoming setups. Just like how Infiltration ruled SF4, there was another man who ruled UMVC3 - and his name is Chris G. Instead of knocking you down over and over like how Infiltration did in SF4, Chris G adopted another playstyle which is to play super "lame" and keep away with Morridoom fireballs. The first person to invent this strategy, and hell he got so much success from it. Also got a lot of hatred, people did not like seeing so many fireballs when you are supposed to play aggressive in Marvel. Chris G got a lot of hate on his back, even if he wins no one would cheer for him, but he continued to play his own game and earned a respectable 3rd place at Evo. I remembered Evo 2013 was about Justin Wong's amazing run and he got 2nd to Flocker, only losing to himself for dropping a greedy infinite attempt. Watched that grand finals again recently, and props to Flocker for winning when everyone cheered against him. On the side note, remember when exhibition matches was a thing as well? Marlinpie vs Combofiend was an amazing one.
On the SF4 side, Infiltration continued to run a train on everyone, but this year was when things took a turn. Laugh and infitration broke up possibly because Infiltration wanted to leave their Madcatz sponsorship. At Evo 2013, suddenly the god looked defeatable, with PR Rog unleashing his aggressive focus attacks on Infil. Infiltration would then have to fight his former partner Laugh,one of the saddest fight in fighting game history. Evo top 8 this year was glorious, with the BO5 format there was so much good SF4 action. Infiltration with the Hakan pick on PR Rog, Tokido and Infil mirror match when everyone chanted the air fireballs, and Xian with the unconventional Gen win. Putting the character Gen and Singapore on the map.
Capcom cup continued this year, and it had both Marvel and SF4 together. Marvel was a voted invitational, and Nemo would be voted a fan favourite with his very original Nova Strange Spencer team, which kills everything off one touch. Stopped by Yipes and Fchamp however. Also remember when Fanatiq challened Nemo to a $8000 dollar money match, which we never got to see on video? This was when that happened lol. Anyways, Chris G would still win Capcom Cup for Marvel, however since the EVO champ was not voted for the invitational, out of respect we would have to see Chris body Flocker as well. On the SF4 side, USF4 was announced but AE2012 would run one last time. Xian would fell short to Sako's Evil Ryu, which established Evil Ryu's future top tier status.
This was also the year Daigo 10-2ed Infiltration and 10-0ed Xian.
2014 - Ultra
Ultra launched and the FGC shifted its focus back to Street Fighter. So many good and salty moments happened in 2014. Sanford throwing his stick. Viscant vs LTG grudge match. Anyways back Evo, Justin Wong winning Marvel off Chris G and did the victorious barrel roll lol. Ultra featured the first time at EVo, Europe won one off Luffy and his PS1 pad. As a Sagat player and Japanese dickrider, I was devastated. Nevertheless, Momochi managed to win Capcom Cup 2014, and beat Ryan Hart in a miraculous comeback on the way. Momochi would prove himself to be one of the best SF4 players in 2014-2015.
SFV and Capcom pro tour was first announced, for the better or the worse.
Edit: how could I forget the rkappa Pepeday vs Poongko set? Shit hit the fan. These guys also started the rkappa sponsorship tradition. Pats on our backs, could not have done it without you guys.
2015 - Climax
The FGC was at its heights in 2015. This was the best year EVER for fans of SF4 and UMVC3. Capcom announced an enormous prize pool for Capcom Cup, and everyone grinded hard on SF4 for its final year. A lot of Japanese players flew out to earn points for Capcom Cup. Daigo ruled everyone with his top tier Evil Ryu at NCR. This was the tournament when the TOs fucked up, and played half the top 16 in an older version of Ultra lol. As a result all the matches had to be replayed and we got to see a lot more SF4 action. I remember Kazunoko beating KnucleDu in the first time, then lost when they ran it again LOL. Stunfest happened and Daigo fought Momochi in grand finals, arguably the best Street Fighter 4 set of all time. Bonchan beat Luffy in the runback at the Red Bull invitation, and went on to win the whole tournament. This possibly lead to him getting his RedBull sponsor as well.
EVO this year was also fucking crazy. Poongko took off his shirt on stage. Woshige early pop off. Alex Valle bodied the shit out of Bonchan in a bad MU. Top 8 for Marvel featured no gods, no Justin, no Fchamp, no Chris G, no Flocker, no Nemo, no PR ROG. Instead, Marvel was the era of the men. I'll just link the whole thing here. TA Frusty with his crazy Modok. RF beating Chris G to get into top 8. Japan with their own own Zero killer Cross. Apologyman with his super cheap unblockable setups. And KBR winning the entire thing. The grand finals was "Real Marvel" Rayray with his conventional Mag Doom Sentinel shell, and "Fraud Marvel" KBR with hulk mashing H. Anyways, KBR managed to achieve something unbelievable nevertheless.
"When people asked me who I main, I main Street Fighter 4" - such are the words spoken by Infiltration. Momochi the shoto god with Ken and Evil Ryu. But when you talk about Evo 2015, no one will forget Gamerbee's poetic losers bracket run. He slayed all his three demons Daigo, Tokido and Infiltration. Double Peed Nemo. Gamerbee playing the absolute best Street Fighter in his life, dual weilding a super solid Adon and shameless Elena. "Only to fall short to Momochi in Grand Finals with the stick malfunction... and Evo out with a very bittersweet ending with James and Seth crying.
Hype for SF4 continues, with a great Tokido vs Fuddo grand finals at Canada Cup. Players continued to grind and rack up points for Capcom Cup. Daigo played the absolute best at the event, managed to beat Infiltration with a crazy comeback. Poongko and Misse both played out of their minds. But alas, the most important SF4 tourney with the most money taken by Kazunoko by a small margin. Daigo missed the awards ceremony like Ryu, and donated all his fight money.
Thus ends the era of SF4.
2016 - the future. what now?
There were still really hype moments after SF4's era. KBR getting his revenge on FChamp after that much shit talk. Tomo double Peeing Ogawa. Nage vs Omito at Evo Japan 2018 was one of the greatest fighting game action I witnessed (and I watched it live in Japan). Ogawa's reverse OCV at Toushinsai 2017. Daigo hosting a lot of good action with Kemonomichi. But as you may have noticed, my focus shifted onto other games such as Guilty Gear as SFV just never felt as good.
SFV also marked a major change to the direction of fighting games. Shifting from grassroot to esports. Evo no longer held at a hotel hall but at an arena now. Shifting from veterans focused to please new players. Combos are made easier, links no longer exists. GBVS is just anime SFV. This is just my opinion, but I think fighting games are so much less exciting than back in the past. I graduated, started working, life goes on and less fighting game happens. The Guilty Gear Strive beta really left a bad taste in my mouth, really felt like the entire genre is lacking a direction. I don't want to talk shit, I want it to be a good game, but this is how I genuinely feel. Things are different now I guess.
If I got the chance to go back in time I would love to experience the FGC again in the mid 2010s, with all the hype moments from SF4 and UMVC3. If you felt the same way as me, I think it would be a good time to boot up SF4 again and do some FADC combos, or Marvel and do some Dr.Doom loops. Watch some old matches and Yipes commentary.
If you managed to read to here, thank you for reading such a long post, and sorry maybe all the info up there are all over the place. Let me know your favourite fighting game moments. Wishing you godspeed.
submitted by Black_Frost88 to Kappa

Help with Cloud MU's please!!!

Hi I'm a pretty hardcore Cloud main (I swear I only Up B out of shield at most 3 times a stock) and I feel like I have a pretty decent understanding of his matchups but there are a few in particular that I exceptionally struggle with, some of which are supposedly +1's from pro cloud players and yet I do comfortably against some of the -1's.
The ones in particular that give me the most amount of trouble are:
ZSS: Even though I kick her ass in range, her aerial mobility is so erratic it feels like I'm trying to swat a fly with a sewing needle! Half the time I feel like I can't even hit her.
Zelda: Down B. How do you counter this? I know the main key to Zelda is rushdown and don't give her a second to breathe but unlike Roy and Chrom, Cloud's best strength is spacing, not so much get in your face. I feel like if I try to approach, the phantom just prevents me from taking any safe move and she baits out my rock paper scissors. If I camp to charge limit, she spams side b and down b.
Inkling: Why. Does. Inkling. Have. Priority. Over. All. My. Attacks.
Link: Part of me believes Link's neutral if played correctly completely trounces any hope I have of winning the matchup. (As you can tell by now I don't do well against projectiles no matter how many videos of Sparg0 and Kola I watch) Not to mention he has comparable attack range with his sword, and he creates forced errors that I just can't seem to break out of. Also, his nair is some horse manure.
Falcon: Fast, rushdown, almost zero endlag on a lot of his attacks and none of my attacks are fast enough to punish him before he throws up his shield aside from his side b. Up b out of shield actually works against me here because all it does is do damage, I can't set up any good kills. He also has the same ridiculous aerial mobility that ZSS does.
Sheik: Can't kill me till 170% but I can't even land a hit on her except for spamming a wall of back airs or reading rolls.
There are probably a lot but those are the ones that make me groan a little inside when I see them online. Strangely I feel very comfortable against characters that supposedly +1 against Cloud like ROB, Bowser and Terry. But against characters, especially ones that have extremely fast frame data and low end lag give me a lot of trouble because Cloud is fast, relative to the whole cast and given his range, but compared to the likes of sheik, falcon, ZSS, palu, who are just a little faster, my range seems irrelevant because their frame data just straight up smashes me. For example, Terry is one of my favorite MU's. He has insane close range combat like Ken and Ryu along with insane combos, but his aiground speed is kinda crap and despite having 3 mobility attacks in his side b, back b and down b, he doesn't move fast enough so I can space comfortably. Yet Terry destroys falcon, who destroys me.
Projectiles and fast characters are my biggest hurdles as Cloud. I know he's only about a A tier and obviously is at a disadvantage against the S tiers, but even matchups he supposedly wins I just can't get through, yet I see pro Cloud players overcome them like it's no big deal.
submitted by VarsVerum to SmashBrosUltimate

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