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Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

From managing change across disciplines, to executing a simple design review, to coordinating a response to quality issues, you can focus people on the right tasks, with the right data, to make the right decisions at the right time.

[OC] The Real Reasons Why Justin Tucker Is The Best Kicker Ever

Justin Tucker is the best NFL placekicker ever. Just ask Bill Belichick, NFL.com, Stats Nerds, (not to mention Lamar Jackson). And if you don’t era-adjust, it is not particularly close.
Why? Why is one kicker so much more powerful, accurate, and consistent than his peers?
Why is his 2020 kicking spray chart so strikingly centered in the middle - with ~85% of his kicks in the middle third of the posts when other kickers seem to miss weekly? 3 primary factors contribute to Tucker’s place kicking brilliance
  1. Amazing technique consistency in a kicking form designed for power
  2. Tucker’s technique is actually far from textbook. I would definitely not suggest it to anybody learning how to kick.
  • His plant foot is remarkably close to the ball - this would cause an average kicker to strike the ball with their heel because they would not be able to extend their leg all the way. To compensate, Tucker leans wayyy left. This allows him to straighten his leg and hit the ball with his instep.
  • But also has another effect: significantly increased power. Put simply, the way to get power is to bring your hips and body through the ball at the same time as your leg swing. Tucker does this by having his hips face to the right pre-kick and bringing his hips and body through the ball and to the left.
  • Random Interesting note: I was talking with Nick Vogel a couple months ago who spent a few weeks with Justin when he signed with the Ravens for training camp in early 2020. Vogel said he was trying to bring his own plant foot away from the ball because his (very rare) mishits were off the inside of his foot. Meanwhile, Tucker was trying to get his plant foot closer to the ball. Just an interesting kicker technique tidbit imho.
  • Because Tucker’s hips start out to the right and then he leans so far left, it compels his body to swing violently through the ball - we can see this through the huge post-kick skip on his plant foot to the left. There is a cost to this technique though - it requires excellent balance to lean so far left and still have the core strength to pull your leg through.
  • Speaking of leg swing, his is very very steep. Look how high his leg gets before his swing - with his toe nearly at mid-back level. Once again this is typically an all-out power leg swing. The further higher and back the leg swing = more power potential but much less consistency because more can go wrong with timing and swing trajectory
  • Finally, his last step (the “push step”) - is absurdly long and aggressive. Flying hard into the ball gives more momentum but it usually leads to inconsistent plant foot location (and therefore bad contact)
Yet, Tucker is extremely precise in all these areas. Even leaping toward the ball he can stay under control and plant just in the right spot with his hips angled in the same direction every single kick. Morgan Cox, the Ravens Long Snapper agreed, saying “He's able to follow the same technique and ball-striking ability every time that some kickers can't… He's able to do the exact same thing every time. That's what makes him really good.”
From a BR article we know “he takes note of width and length from his planted foot to the ball, placement of his foot on the ball and the steps to get downfield after swinging through the ball. Every motion between running out onto the field to the post-kick celebration is scrutinized.”
The tales of Tucker’s Kinesthetic genius start right after him being signed by the Ravens as an UDFA. Here’s a few quotes from Tucker’s kicking coach Randy Brown on the transformation he made in just one day.
“When you take your three steps back and two steps over [to line up for a kick], always start in the same spot. He wasn’t always starting in the same spot. Then, approach the ball from the same angle. Third, the plant. When you have a guy who is a home run hitter like him, and he swings from his shoes, you have to have him plant from the same spot each time. That was the key… It’s beyond unusual. It’s close to miraculous. That next day -- and I remember that day like it was yesterday -- after a few warm-up balls, we got to the same spot and the same plant. He didn’t miss a kick that day. I knew right then and there that we have somebody special."
It would take most kickers months to make those changes. Tucker did it in 24 hours. Not to mention his absurd leg speed - this is the guy that wants kickers to get a point for kicking the ball through the uprights… which is a 75 yard kickoff. Being able to place his feet at precisely the right place every single kick no matter the circumstances? That's kinesthetic genius.
  1. Mental Skills
Quantifying the mental abilities of a specialist is difficult but it is clear that Tucker is also extraordinary in this category.
His agent, Rob Roche, said when he beat out incumbent Billy Cundiff “Justin had that mental makeup to hit clutch field goals."
Cox also said: “His confidence is off the charts”
From a Pre-Draft workout video Tucker confidently blurts out “pick me.” In a football culture that expects kickers to be meek, he is gregarious.
Pressure doesn’t seem to be a problem either - with his ability to deal with pressure seemingly coming from performing in front of a voice jury every semester to see if he could stay in his program.
Tucker seemingly comes from the Morten Anderson school of dealing with pressure: “The pressure associated with important kicks is a perceived notion, something created by the
fans and media. As long as I'm relaxed and at peace, then pressure is nonexistent." Tucker sure seems to feel the same way.
Furthermore, there is more than just dealing with pressure when kicking. It is the ability to lock in to every extra point, every mid range field goal in a blowout win - and not to let his hips come through the ball 1/10th of a second too late and push a 37 yard field goal wide left.
  1. “The Wolfpack”
Tucker refers to himself as a “system kicker.” 10 seconds later, he says “the ball could pretty much kick itself.” While obviously not true it does give us some insight.
Long Snapper Morgan Cox, PunteHolder Sam Koch, and Tucker have formed a placekicking “battery” for over 8 years. Their entire operation from snap to kick has been called “the most precise 1.3 seconds in sports.”
It’s difficult to overstate how important the snap/hold can be to a kicker. Quality punters have been waived for their inability to hold well.
Familiarity begets consistency which is the backbone of kicking. Not having to worry about snap timing or hold placement (or angle) is as close as a kicker gets to kicking off sticks.
Kickers can overcome bad holds (which can come from bad snaps) and make kicks, but overcoming bad holds consistently is virtually impossible. Just ask Martin Gramatica… or Blair Walsh.
Bonus Note: It is baffling that only 5 NFL teams have a kicking coach. Tucker credits Ravens kicking coach Randy Brown for a lot of his success - saying he “would absolutely not be the football player that I am today" without Brown. Having another set of eyes with deep knowledge of kicking can make all the difference when the difference between a good and bad kick is fractions of an inch.
Bonus note #2: It’s hilarious that the kicking net at M&T Bank is much higher than other stadiums - presumably Tucker got such great height on field goals it rendered the standard ones useless.
If you would like to watch this post in video form here it is! Some of the visual technique concepts are much better explained there (length only 3:06).
TLDR: Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker of all time. He displays kinesthetic genius by being consistent in a field goal technique designed for power; Mental strength through confidence and scoffing at pressure; and benefits from a kicking “Wolfpack” that is deeply familiar and impressively precise.
Edit: Some very kind redditors have asked for some more quality ST posts - here are a few from my post history!
submitted by NBANFL6 to nfl

Official r/NFL Week 3 Power Rankings

With almost a full preseason of games to finally analyze 2020 with, teams are slowly but surely finding more accurate placement. Don't forget to share all the reasons why the Official NFL Power Rankings is the worst list that has ever existed (until Week 4). 31/32 Reporting
# Team Δ Record Comment
1. Chiefs +1 3-0 The Chiefs looked like the defending Super Bowl champions against the Ravens and took no prisoners. Despite a slow start to the year, the Chiefs offense woke up in a big way and came out guns blazing and never looked back. The Chiefs defense also turned in a stellar performance at all levels and held the Ravens to only 13 points over the whole game. This is the Chiefs team that was promised in the offseason, and Mahomes further proved why he is the best QB in the NFL by stunting on those hoes.
2. Seahawks +1 3-0 Who needs a defense when you have literal Jesus Christ at quarterback? Ol' Pete has really embraced the let Russ cook movement and it shows; Russell's been absolutely unstoppable, no matter how hard DK may try (ilysm DK ❤️💜). Key players like Jamal Adams and Chris Carson suffered injuries against Dallas, but hopefully nothing is too serious. But back to the good stuff. Skybox Schotty has been a godsend this season. The offense is C O O K I N G and nobody's coolin this stove, baby. Not even FITZMAGIC HIMSELF. Oh and FUCK TRYSTEN HILL. ALL THE HOMIES HATE TRYSTEN HILL
3. Packers +1 3-0 The Packers are just happy they didn't Bostic that onside kick at the end. Great training for next week against the Falcons
4. Ravens -3 2-1 One day, the Ravens will beat Mahomes. But not yesterday. Better hope that OL can take on Chase Young. At least the Ravens have the branding and beltway advantage over WTF for next week.
5. Bills -- 3-0 Dread it. Run from it. ‘Stache Allen arrives all the same.
6. Steelers +1 3-0 It would be improper not to mention the Watt reunion that happened on Sunday, but it was overshadowed by the likely implosion of the Texans' season as Pittsburgh forced them to 0-3 in what was likely already a "must-win" scenario for Houston. This bodes well for the Steelers as the pressure was on them going into this game to eliminate a potential rival early and put the Ravens in the rearview mirror early on by forcing them to keep pace vs a stellar Chiefs team. The Steelers travel to the Titans in what will be a huge road test for them to stay tied for 1st in the AFC.
7. Titans +1 3-0 The Titans were able to squeak out a win against the Vikings on the foot of Steven Gostkowski's 6 FGs. Now they face their toughest challenge of the year, navigating multiple positive COVID tests and a shutdown of their facility.
8. Patriots +3 2-1 Thuney played great at center, Sony and Burkhead stepped up, and the run game won the day. This coming week at Kansas City is pretty huge, win or lose the Patriots will learn a lot about what they need to improve on as the season goes forward.
9. Rams -3 2-1 The Rams have dominated the second half this season, outscoring their opponents 52-20. Unfortunately, a slow start and defensive lapses at key moments meant too little too late versus the Bills and will keep the Rams from going 16-0 this year.
10. 49ers +2 2-1 After demolishing two teams in the league with a next man up philosophy Belichick would be proud of, some questions remain. Unfortunately a matchup against Philadelphia might not provide all the answers.
11. Buccaneers +3 2-1 The Buccaneers pulled off a win on the road against an injury depleted Broncos, putting them atop the NFC South. Tom Brady looked like his usual GOAT self, and the defense racked up 6.0 sacks and 2 interceptions against the Driskel Kid. So with the Bucs playing the Chargers and rookie QB Justin Herbert, it should be an easy win, right? Wrong. Since 2011, the Bucs are 3-12 against rookie QBs, so it could be a rocky upcoming game at home for the Bucs. Combine that with the fact that Donovan Smith will have to block Joey Bosa, and Tom Brady might need to pay his snake oil salesman trainer Alex Guerrero overtime after next week. Unlike the Chargers, however, he won't have to worry about puncturing his lung.
12. Saints -3 1-2 Much like Johann Freiderich Bottger, Sean Payton finds himself summonsed before the royal court of Saints fans demanding an explanation why he's failing to produce gold as they expect. The Saints have started seasons in worse positions, but the weight of expectations on this team and the clear lack of synergy on the field (and another PJ Williams blunder) means Sean Payton will be hoping he stumbles upon the recipe for white gold quickly.
13. Cardinals -3 2-1 A letdown game seemed inevitable after all the hype and Kyler for MVP talk the past week. Hopefully the team learned from the mistakes and is ready to move on. Taking care of the ball will be a huge emphasis as losing the turnover battle by 3 can't happen. Safety is now also a concern as it appears Budda Baker will be out at least a few weeks. The next two road games will be critical as the schedule will start to get a lot tougher.
14. Raiders -1 2-1 The Raiders are not the best team in the league.
15. Bears +1 3-0 The big story, of course, is the benching of Mitch Trubisky. Nick B. D. Foles came into the game without any system reps since training camp and casually threw 3 touchdowns in 4:27 of game time. A mix of late-game heroics and tremendous opponent implosions have left the Bears' sitting at the season's unlikeliest 3-0, and if Foles can stay healthy they may have a much higher ceiling on offense than anyone anticipated. Extend Allen Robinson.
16. Cowboys -1 1-2 There's a pile of dead bodies on both sides of the ball, but somehow Dallas is still competitive. Despite such bad offensive line play that they did the cupid shuffle at halftime, Dak went blow for blow with Russell Wilson. On the fun side, the team found new and exciting ways to shit their own bed. A muffed kickoff return and multiple missed extra points were some plot twists no one saw coming. Sundays are ugly right now, but if they can get ahold of a Cleric or a Celestial Warlock or maybe a Lore Bard, hell, even a Necromancer, this team could be nasty in a month or so. Plus, its not like there is intense competition to win the division.
17. Colts -- 2-1 Ho-hum, the Colts destroyed the Jets. Colts fans' were encouraged by the display on Sunday but caution reminds that it was only the Jets, who look entirely uninspired.
18. Browns +6 2-1 At 2-1 the Browns finally have a winning record for the first time since December of 2014. 2,123 days to be exact. With Baker Mayfield tossing two touchdowns and Nick Chubb running in two more the Browns have everyone taking note. Is this the year they turn it around?
19. Texans -1 0-3 In 2014 Bill O'Brien was given the reins to a team that was struggling. Their offense was anemic, their defense was weak in the secondary, and on the whole they just came up short when it really mattered. Now after 6 years under his leadership, the offense is anemic, the defense is weak against the run, and the team is struggling. Of course Deshaun Watson is better than Tom Savage, and Fat Randy plays for the Bengals now, but really the team feels poised to go 9-7 and fail to come out on top in the critical moments of critical games. I'm sure they'll look better against teams that are weaker than the Chiefs and Ravens, but if the Texans can't challenge the top squads in the NFL, how much have they really moved forward since 2014?
20. Chargers -1 1-2 An opponent who should have been a win on paper, a significant player going down to injury (CHJ may miss 4-6 weeks with a foot injury), and falling behind early only to fall short of a comeback. Nothing more 2020 for the Chargers than to go full 2019. Credit Herbert for his poise throughout the game, coming back from that rocky start to become the third QB ever to throw 300+ yards in his first two games. The Chargers, and the offense in particular, cannot afford to have a slow start against Tampa Bay.
21. Vikings +1 0-3 Justin Jefferson put up 175 yards and Harrison Smith put up another elite performance, but the Titans still eked out a one-point win thanks to rookie mistakes at corner and the Vikings' interior offensive line getting posterized yet again.
22. Lions +7 1-2 This baby can fit so much emotional confusion in it. The Lions defense had 3 picks, which means fans have 3 reasons to be hype for next week. Golladay was a monster as always, but Stafford is making weird mistakes. He took sacks he shouldn’t have, and Detroit has come to expect so much more from the offense... but fuck it. A W is a W. Time to chug the Kool-Aid, because there is an undeserving reason to be hype again.
23. Dolphins +5 1-2 Rumors of Fitztragic sightings seem to have died down, as the beard magic shined through en route to Ryan Fitzmagic setting multiple records in a rout of the Jaguars. Is this a sign of what's to come, or just beating up on a bad team?
24. Jaguars -3 1-2 [On Location] "The Jaguars decided to take the week off from football inste— (shuffling notes) I'm now being told the Jaguars did not in fact take the week off from football, and were instead embarassed by some old bearded man on Thursday night. Sounds like the squad will have a few extra days to try and get it's act together, as what it says here sounds like the defense was downright abysmal, and likely illegal in at least six states."
25. Falcons -5 0-3 In the middle of the fourth quarter on September 27, Arthur Blank's 78th birthday, hundreds of confidently depressed Falcons fans simultaneously predicted something that hadn't ever statistically happened in NFL history with such nonchalance it felt arrogant. Since two churches in 2014 were demolished to make way for Atlanta's new(ly cursed) stadium, under no circumstance has a lead remained safe. All the talent in the world can't stop the Falcons from Falconing weekly in the most Falconly ways ever Falconed. Classic Falcons.
26. Panthers +4 1-2 The Panthers notched their first win in week 3. But given the quality of their opponent and the shaky nature of the win, it's hard to read too much into it. The run and pass defenses are still porous, the chemistry on offense isn't quite there yet and Teddy Bridgewater is uneven. All that being said, the team is moving in the right direction and the system continues to gel after a short offseason. In a wide open division like the NFCS, anything can happen.
27. Washington FT -2 1-2 Despite QB Dwayne Haskins 3 INT day, Washington had a 20-17 lead in the third quarter before the numerous self-inflicted wounds became too much to overcome. Ron Rivera continues to preach patience and trust in the process while seemingly tapping out in back to back games down 2 scores with timeouts left on the board. Everyone understands the fear of injuries but giving up so readily is a bad look and might contradict the "culture" message that Rivera wants to instill.
28. Eagles -5 0-2-1 What kind of coward elects to punt on 4th-and-12 from mid-field with 19 seconds left in overtime? The Eagles' organization is garbage.
29. Broncos -3 0-3 Jerry Jeudy has played three NFL games. He has caught passes from three different QBs. No fact better captures the combination of bad injury luck and front office ineptitude that the Broncos have this season. A big steaming turd meets another big steaming turd (the Jets) this week. Whoever wins, America loses.
30. Bengals -3 0-2-1 Joe Burrow continues to excel, despite having no training camp, pre-season, or a functioning offensive line. The Bengals are essentially parking their Ferrari on the street right now. Maybe next off-season they can buy a garage.
31. Giants -- 0-3 The Giants, not to be outdone by their Metlife brethren, went out Sunday and got curb-stomped by the San Francisco Injured Reserves. Daniel Jones has gone from "Danny Dimes" to "Danny Duds" as he looked far inferior to backup QB Nick Mullens Sunday. He can run, but he's had the same problems plaguing him since last year, and no, the blame for that does not rest solely on the OL. The Giants get the LA Rams next, which means we all get to see perennial all-pro Aaron Donald go against their Costco brand-OL.
32. Jets -- 0-3 In a heroic effort to get Adam Gase fired, Sam Darnold became the first quarterback to throw two pick-sixes in one game since Geno Smith.
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